Qvials and Modern-Day SuperCharging
Supercharging such as the world has never known, and will be able to use for thousands of years to come.
If we claim that it has the highest and healthiest polarity of any substance on earth, there will be gainsayers.
If we claim it can treat, or heal even better than the million-year-old substance it is comprised of, prosecution.
If we even tell you in detail precisely what it does to strengthen and help nutrify the body, again, prosecution.
So, there are no claims. This is a vial of diamagnetic and paramagnetic minerals, and other organic materials.
The contents have been blended with specific proportions and subjected to multiple proprietary technologies.
Nothing in the world can affect you as these sturdy vials do, with what amounts to supercharged properties.
We can supercharge to provably great effect in a single minute: QVials are supercharged for 100 minutes.

Every brain point, stronger in a single second. When held several seconds, the effect can last many hours.
When you hold the vial on any point in the body bidigitally testing weak, it strengthens the area immediately.
Better yet, all other points on that point's bioelectric meridian will also test strong. It proves instantly, every time.
The bidigital test is the simple one-second test Dr. Omura patented as BDORT and Marshall/Forbes expanded to QRA.
David Cohen brought the best of their ideas into even more immediately-effective success by the repetition of Cohenology.
Cohenology is replacing the incomplete or erroneous portions of the best thinking on earth, and using many of them at once.
Cohenology is a combined use of several proven approaches simultaneously. He has successfully used it many thousands of times.
The bidigital test is easy enough for everyone to learn, to use for the rest of your life to test food, clothes, and a thousand other things.
The one catch to the bidigital test proving accurate every time is that the person testing must have their brain points proving to test strong.
QVials make all brain points temporarily strong, and all points connected to them, just from holding it on top of the head
Every body point tests stronger, using Dr. Omura's BDORT, or its derivatives, such as QRA from Marshall and Forbes, or Cohenology's Master I.P.
Where Dr. Omura crafted medical applications for BDORT, and Marshall interference fields with QRA, Cohen found Master Interference Points.
Master Interference Points are small spots on the body proving to test weak, which, when balanced, suspend ALL other interference fields.
Cohen went on to craft "supercharging," by applying multiple technologies consecutively, resulting in the highest polarity ever obtained.
EVERYTHING that has gone through the supercharging processes so far has proven stronger, with qualities continually testing stronger.
Lasers, where the irradiating energy normally overwhelms the benefit of facial and other lasers, demagnetize when supercharged.
Not demagnitizing of a ruined computer disk, the demagnetizing of the magnetic embeds polluting your body from electricity.
You do not need to believe the Psychology of Longevity, or any other source. Learn to do the bidigital test with a friend.
Test your thyroid to see. Better yet, touch a wall of your home or office or class while someone else tests your o-ring.
Now, wave Dr. Cohen's supercharged cold laser light at the wall, and test again. Everyone is amazed, every time.
Now, with QVials, the genius of David Cohen comes through yet again, as it has with so many of his innovations.
QVials change the game, which is why we present Qvials to be perhaps the gift of a lifetime, to last a lifetime.

We believe that every human on earth needs a QVial. That is the reason they sell for dozens, not hundreds

We believe that you instantaneously make better decisions when your brain points are strong. Still, it's not a claim.
We provide a 90-day, NO QUESTIONS ASKED absolute guarantee of satisfaction or we take back the QVial for a refund.
Although we can charge profitably for shipping, we do not. That's why the refund is a complete refund. No "hidden" fees.

We can certainly charge a ten percent restocking fee. We do not like hidden charges, so there are no "restocking" fees to pay.
We can charge for handling. Like most people, we do not like hidden charges. So, we decided there would be no handling charge.
We Believe That Every Human Needs Or Can Directly Benefit From, Using A SuperCharged QVial
A third of our profits make a beeline to feed starving animals and humans, sometimes in that order, so this is not about garnering money.
We believe that the all-natural, supercharged QVial is among the very greatest of all human inventions, that every one of us needs a QVial.
So, despite a value of several hundred dollars, we keep working to bring the price down even lower, so everyone can have their own Qvials.

Shapetalk is brought to you by the Psychology of Shortcuts and Psychology of Longevity, helping you to help yourself, naturally, with great shortcuts.

For inquiries on Distributorships for the SuperCharged QVials,
call 1-888-6004-888

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